Just when you thought you knew all about how to defeat the knights in ShadowMaster, you begin Level 3 and realize that the different looking knights--the Paladins--defeat the shadow. What is the reason for our enemy types? 

If you remember back to the Inspirations blog a couple of weeks back, you will remember some of what I'm about to explain. Our game design is simple. Gary has different interactions with certain world objects than does his shadow. We wanted to design a game that gave high importance to both characters. The design allows for you to use the shadow in some instances and use Gary in others to circumvent the game's obstacles and proceed towards the end of the levels. 
For the beginning levels, we wanted an enemy type that reinforced that the shadow was just as important as Gary. We wanted the enemy to be weak and able to be defeated easily. We dreamt up the Knight character. The Knight carries a polearm that kills Gary if he gets too close. However, the Knight can be scared if the shadow enters the same space as him. For later levels, however, we knew we needed a jump up in difficulty, something to keep you on your toes. 

So we created a new enemy type, the Paladin. The Paladin carries a torch, which burns the shadow away and kills it, requiring you to restart the current stage. The Paladin also carries a sword which he uses to kill Gary if Gary enters the same space as him. At a point in the game where the player starts to understand the core concepts of the game, it is always refreshing to add in a new gameplay element to up the challenge!



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